Easily Split Your Payments, Have Fun

Simplify your group expenses with hassle-free split payments.

Split Your Bill in a Few Steps

Splitting your bills with Papel is easy in just a few steps.

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Select Your Bill

Choose Your Friends

Share Your Invoice Instantly

Splitting Upcoming Expenditures

Thinking about upcoming expenses, you can plan to split them in advance. This will be a useful option that provides financial planning and spending control.

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Control Payment Requests

Effortlessly customize payment requests with our user-friendly platform. You're in control of every transaction.

Effortless Group Payments

Our platform makes it easy to split bills and manage group expenses with friends, family, and coworkers.

Streamlined Shared Expenses

Our simple payment splitting function makes group spending clear, fair, and stress-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split my spending before making a payment?
You can easily split your payments between other Papel users before or after you make the payments.
How many people can I divide the payments between?
You can split your payments up to 10 people.
Is there a fee to use the payment splitting feature?
The split payment feature is completely free to use.

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