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Send Money in Two Clicks
Easily send money to your beloved ones without any time and limit constraints. Sending money is now simple and fast.Create Papel Accountalt
Intuitive Contact ListDiscover seamless contact management with our intuitive contact list interface.Create Papel Accountalt
Any Way, Any CurrencyDiscover comprehensive solutions that unlock a world of currency diversity and flexibility.Create Papel Accountalt
Comfortable with QR CodeYour camera for quick and easy payments instead of typing account details.Create Papel Accountalt
Receive Your Payments 24/7
You can live your life, and we will take care of the payments.
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Ask for Money from Anyone
Need some money at the moment, you can just ask for them right in the app.
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Manage Your Financial Transactions
See the list of all your transactions with the ability to filter and search.
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Virtual Prepaid CardDownload the Papel App, create your Free Digital Mastercard & add it to your digital wallet.
Mobile ApplicationReceive notifications, access your accounts & view transactions in real-time via your device.
Account DashboardReceive an Account Dashboard to manage your account & corporate expenses with ease.
Keep in touch.Discover the latest Papel campaigns and developments.
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