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Receiving Payment Instantly via QR CodeCustomers can pay by scanning the QR code through mobile wallet or their bank's apps.Create Papel Accountalt
Get Paid with a LinkEnable your customers to pay quickly by creating special payment links.Create Papel Accountalt
Create Campaign Increase Your Business
The easiest way to reach your customers is to create a campaign through the Papel Merchant panel.Create Papel Accountalt
The easiest way to get paid with Papel Link
Receive instant payments from your customers by creating a connection through the Papel Merchant panel.Create Papel Accountalt
Easy Payment with a Single Link
Try the ease of receiving payments with your Papel number for fast and efficient transactions.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Virtual POS?
Virtual POS is a payment system that enables payment by credit or debit card over the internet without requiring a physical POS device.
Who can apply for Virtual POS?
Anyone who owns a Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company or Sole Proprietorship can apply for a Papel Business Account.
What are the advantages of Virtual POS?
Virtual POS enables merchants to receive payments 24/7 and eliminate geographical barriers, allowing them to sell to consumers from anywhere in the world.
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Virtual Prepaid CardDownload the Papel App, create your Free Digital Mastercard & add it to your digital wallet.
Mobile ApplicationReceive notifications, access your accounts & view transactions in real-time via your device.
Account DashboardReceive an Account Dashboard to manage your account & corporate expenses with ease.
Keep in touch.Discover the latest Papel campaigns and developments.
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